How many calories should you eat to start losing  weight?

How many calories should you eat to start losing weight?

May 30, 2019 0 By endlaziness

So, have you wondered just how many calories you need to lose weight?

Even though there are a ton of calorie calculators out there, losing weight is almost more of an art than a science, there are so many factors that will come in effect when it comes to weight loss that the answer is really not that simple, as I mentioned before, the goal of is to help you live a happy and healthy life without having to sacrifice your entire life, kill yourself in the gym or starve yourself, I want you take small steps into your weight loss goals. Now, most calculators will give you a rough number that you a number of daily calories needed based on very generic numbers, today I am going to give you a few guidelines to follow to lose weight easily.

So what do I mean by saying that losing weight is more of an art than a science, here is the deal, most doctors will tell you that 3500 calories equals a lb of body fat which in a way is correct, however your body has multiple ways of ensuring that you continue to maintain your body fat levels no matter if you do not eat those 3500 calories, there are factors like stress, types of calories, your metabolism and your genetics that will determine if your body will lose that lb of fat or not.

The same applies to dieting, I have seen people who eat the worse diets and they somehow manage to lose weigh, even if they over eat they continue to trim down fat and build muscle, unlike other people that diet, exercise and eat healthy and they have hard time losing weight.

Here is what I do to lose body fat and maintain a healthy body fat to muscle ratio.

Just like some of you, I am constantly fighting weight gain, my body type makes it very easy to store fat, I am not that tall of a person and I am over 200 lbs, I am not the youngest either since I am near my 40’s so it is constant struggle to keep the weight off, the main goal is to keep a low body fat and to achieve that here is what I do.

  1. I always try my best to get a solid workout in Monday – Friday and I usually aim for about an hour a day, specially if you are over 30 years old I would suggest pushing for working out 5 times a week for about an hour.
  2. Restrict your calories to around 2,000 without cheat days, most adult males should not eat more than this and this is enough to have 3 meals that are around 700 calories which should be enough, do not stress too much about protein to carb ratio, just keep your calorie count low and you will be fine.
  3. Stay active even if you workout, as you get older your body has a harder time burning calories, if you are able to move around more, find excuses to walk and stay active at work and around your house, this will allow you to burn extra calories during the day.
  4. Control your stress levels, life can be stressful however there is usually an answer to most issues, always remember that even if you are having a bad today there is always a better day tomorrow, control that stress and find activities that make you happy, be creative and productive.

These tips should help you stay healthy and live a happy life, plus you will stay fit as well, I have found that lifting weights works better than cardio but every body is different, find out what works for you!